Saturday, 8 September 2012

How to reduce oily skin

Simple tips to cure oil in face.
Here lot of tips is available to cure oily skin,to control oil in face,to get bright skin, to get white colour, lots of facial mask to remove oil from face,to get face become clean and remove pimples and black spot,Best treatment for pimples.
Tips:1(For normal oil secretion people)
>>Take tomato juice, apply it on face and leave few minutes.
>>Wash it with warm water.Then your oily skin won't secrete much oil.
>>Adding of tomato with oats or cucumber , mix it and make it as paste.Then apply it into your face as face mask.Leave it for 20 minutes.
>>Then wash it.Oily contains are removed in your face.It is the best tomato facial mask to remove oil.Your skin become dry , soft and bright.If you follow this regularly then your colour of the skin is changed into white.

Tips:2(For too much oil secretion people)
>>Mix Milk and White yolk in egg with Carrot, make into a paste, then apply into face.
>>Leave it for few minutes.The too much oil secretion in your face should be reduced now.
>>Do You know???Carrot having the characteristics to change the colour  of your skin from black to white.If you eat carrot daily you will see the results within a month.just try this.
>>Those who are having oily skin, they should wash their face for many times in cold water or normal water to remove oil in their face.Before that it is better to apply Gram flour for few min.Then your face becomes bright and shiny with oil less skin.

Tips:3(Natural Facial Mask-Home Made-For  oil control skin)
>>Oily skin people, cucumber juice,lemon juice, sandal powder, badam powder, curd, potato juice, papaya juice, neem leaves juice , take these all mix it together and make it as a paste.
>>Apply it on your face.
>>Leave it for 30 min.
>>Now wash it with warm water.If you try this facial mask of twice a month, you can see the results, your oily skin changes into dry.Your face become bright and shiny.It also kills germs in your face, it also cure pimples and acne on face, even it removes black or dark spot on face .Your face becomes clean and clear.So your will be beauty even in sunny climate.This is over all face beauty tips for both men and women.


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