Friday, 17 August 2012

Home remedies for hair loss

Hair growth tips in natural way.
     Coconut oil is used to promote the growth of hair naturally.Try this up to a few weeks you will see , how it works.
One more tips
     Blood circulation increases the production of cells in the head.By production of new cells
stimulate the growth of hair in the head.Blood circulation is increased by applying warm oil (heat the coconut oil for a few minutes, apply the oil with warm temperature along the scalp).It increase the hair growth.

How to get Black-Dark hair.

    Take half litre  Gingely oil.Mix that oil with one cup full of Curry leaves.Keep it closed.Then use that oil twice a day.Before that make a little heat for better results.

How to stop falling hair.

    To stop hair fall , take badam oil with coconut oil with equal quantity, massage for 15- 30 min before taking bath.

If you follow these tips you can stop the hair loss, get dark black hair , improvement in hair growth,hair growth rate becomes faster, and easy method to grow your hair, hair loss prevention.
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Nutan sinha said...

I use coconut oil as a daily basis, yes, it helps in curbing hair loss. Check out my beauty blog

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Argan Oil Home said...

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DrGirish A.C said...

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