Saturday, 1 December 2012

How to cure premature grey hair

Ayurvedic treatment for premature grey hair[white hair].
     Here is the tips to cure  premature grey hair.Lot of peoples have the problem of premature greying, they dunno how to cure premature greying of their hair.Grey hair is caused by low blood circulation in head
, using of chemical products, changing of shampoo frequently, then the most important is if a white hair is produced in your head , don't pluck that hair because the liquid present in that root may cause 100 white hair at where ever it touches.
Tips to cure premature grey hair.
   >>Take Indian gooseberry and remove the seeds.
   >>Keep it open in our room temperature for few days.
   >>Then heat the coconut oil along with that Indian Gooseberry until it turned into black.
   >>Filter that oil , use it atleast once a day and massage your head using that oil which improves blood circulation in your head.
   This is the way to cure premature grey hair, it also protects from premature grey hair .

Benefits of following the tips
    It causes your hair to be silky and black .
    You will be get very strong hair growth.
    It stops hair fall.
   It improves blood circulation and possible to grow new hair .
Benefits of Amla[Indian Gooseberry]
       Amla or Indian gooseberry has been suggested by doctor for blood sugar control, it has rich content of vitamin C,  it act as antioxidant .
      It also controls cholesterol and it is the best medicine for diabetic patents.


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